Date: Saturday, 18 May 2019

Start and Finish Line: Law Society, Blackhall Place,
Dublin 7

On 18 May, we are again holding the Calcutta Cycle Sportive, a non-competitive cycling event for both social and serious cyclists. Registration opens at 7.30am, and all cyclists must be signed in  before 8.30am for a prompt 9.00am departure.

All Participants: Please read the Participant Information Booklet – Click Here to Download  



In 2019, there are two routes:

  • 50 km: this route is for the commuter cyclist who wants to try a longer route, but is also suitable for those who feel that “now’s the time to get the bike out of the shed”!  We’ll stick together in small groups at a manageable pace, led by experienced cyclists from VC Beechwood.
  • 100 km: this route is for the more experienced cyclist and will provide plenty of challenge for those who want to test themselves.

Click on your preferred route below to check out the route.

Participants in both routes will be back in time to enjoy the famous Finish Line Festival/BBQ at Blackhall Place.

The Calcutta Cycle Sportive is organised by the Calcutta Cycle Committee in association with VC Beechwood (a cycling club affiliated with Cycling Ireland) on behalf of the Law Society of Ireland and is authorised by Cycling Ireland.

We need your help to hit this year’s overall fundraising target of €300,000. Registration for the cycle costs €50 payable online, and we request that an additional €70 or more be raised by participants and brought on the day of the event or by bringing a print-out of your page. You can set up your own online fundraising page here.

You can read further details about the cycle by reading the FAQ below.

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50km Cycle Route

100km Cycle Route


How long is the Calcutta Cycle Sportive?

Two routes are available in 2019: one at 50km and one of 100km. See the Routes pages for more information. When participants sign up for the event, you are asked to indicate which route you intend to ride. It will be helpful if you can stick to your choice on the day – but it’s not mandatory that you do so: you can change if you wish when you get to the point where the routes split from each other.

How long does it take?

Many cyclists will complete the 50km course in about 2-3 hours (including short stops). For the 100km route, participants should expect to be out for 4-5 hours. For the longer course, we are asking that participants be able to ride at a minimum speed of 20kph.

What time does it start?

Both routes start together at 09.00am SHARP, with on-site registration for participants starting at 07.30am. All participants must be ready for a safety briefing from the Organisers and An Garda Sióchána at 08.30am.

Do I need to sign up to the cycle in advance?


How do I sign up to the Cycle?

You can sign up online here.

Is the Calcutta Cycle Sportive a race?

No, it is a non-competitive fundraising charity cycle, at your own pace. All participants must obey the Rules of the Road at all times.

How much Sponsorship money do I need to raise?

We request that ALL cyclists raise a total of €120 in sponsorship. This includes your registration fee of €50. The €50 registration is non-refundable.

Can I get Sponsorship Cards?

Yes. When you register we will send out a Sponsorship card to you. This will help you raise awareness of the Cycle and your fundraising efforts.

Can I raise Sponsorship money online?

Yes, definitely. You can create your own fundraising page on and send the link to all your contacts: . They can donate online, and you can record who has donated and what amount. This is a very easy way of collecting sponsorship money and people tend to give higher amounts online. Any cash you collect should be handed in at registration before the Event.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be 18 years old or over to participate in the Calcutta Cycle Sportive.

What route does the Calcutta Cycle Sportive take?

Check out the 50km and 100km route maps and route video.

Do I need to train?

Yes. Participants in the 50km route should get their bike checked at your local bike shop and then do some riding before the event to build up your fitness. For the 100km route, thorough training and preparation is essential unless you are already an experienced distance cyclist. Cycling some of the routes as part of your training is recommended if possible.

What about equipment?

The better your bike, the easier the cycling will be. Make sure it is properly serviced, ie that brakes and gears work correctly and that tyres are in good condition – no cuts or bulges. Pump up tyres to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Cycle shorts are a must (for obvious reasons) and all participants MUST wear a cycling helmet at all times during the event.

What about punctures/repairs along the route?

Participants should be able to fix simple issues such as punctures: carry a pump, tyre levers and a spare inner tube – and know how to use them!

The Event Organisers will also have a mechanic available at the start and the stop, and one mobile repair unit travelling the route.

What about food & drink throughout the day?

Please carry with you food and drink for your own refreshment along the route. The Organisers will also provide refreshments at the designated stop: Toilet facilities plus tea/coffee/water and bananas/biscuits will be available.

What about showering, changing etc. after the Cycle?

Unfortunately offering showering facilities is not logistically feasible at the Law Society. The available toilet facilities can be used for changing.

What happens after the Cycle?

All participants are invited to the Finish Line Festival in the grounds of the Law Society featuring a BBQ, bar, DJ and fun activities. A bike park with security staff will be available at the Law Society, but bikes are left strictly at the owner’s risk.

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