Supporter Firm

The Law Society is striving towards positioning the Calcutta Run as the legal profession’s annual fundraising and corporate social responsibility initiative. Our aim is to get the entire legal profession involved including solicitors, trainees, barristers, legal secretaries, paralegals, suppliers and clients, law students and more.

Our hope is that firms right across the country will get behind the Calcutta Run and pledge their support. Over 50 firms signed up last year, and this year we are hoping to increase that number to 100 firms. Our fundraising target this year is €300,000 – so we need your help!

How can your firm help?

Ideally, your firm will be very focused on maximising fundraising for the Calcutta Run and the children it supports in Calcutta and Dublin.  This can only be achieved through ‘support from the top’ within your firm, and a commitment to this being your main (or one of your main) corporate social responsibility initiatives for the year.  It involves:

  • Commitment and awareness throughout your firm
  • Participation in the 5km or 10km run/walk
  • Fundraising activities

In turn, the Law Society and the Calcutta Run Committee will publicise your support through the Calcutta Run website, Gazette and social media.

What can you do?

We will send you a comprehensive supporters’ pack but here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Set a fundraising target for your firm (a total of monies raised by staff through sponsorship, fundraising events, firm donation, etc.)
  2. Identify a ‘champion’ to promote the event in your firm
  3. Provide senior-level support for the ‘champion’
  4. Encourage staff to organise a fundraising event on the Calcutta Run Official Fundraising Day; 3 May 2019
  5. Sponsor internal team challenges / prizes / medals / competitions
  6. Sponsor branded firm running t-shirts for participants
  7. Commit to staff to match any funds that they raise
  8. Ask your clients and suppliers for support
  9. Make a firm donation to Calcutta Run
  10. Place a collection box in your canteen / reception area
  11. Participate in the ‘The DX Firm Challenge’ as a runner or walker
  12. Use the official ‘Calcutta Run Supporter Firm’ footer on the firm’s correspondence and emails
  13. Highlight your involvement by putting a notice on your website

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter Firm, please email the following information to

  • Subject: Supporter Firm
  • Firm: name and address
  • DX number (if available)
  • Supporter Firm main contact: name and email address

If you have any questions, please call Hilary Kavanagh: 01-6724939 and we’ll take it from there.