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Fundraising target 2017

Our target this year is €200,000 which we can only do with your help! We are asking all participants to raise an individual fundraising amount of at least €100 from family, friends and colleagues.

How to raise that crucial €100 – asking 10 people for €10 each will make a big difference. It’s easy!

You can do this by simply creating your own online personal fundraising page on idonate.ie. Once you create your page, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. as well as copying and sending the link to all or selected contacts directly by email (simply copy the link from your fundraising page). Your sponsors can select an amount to sponsor you by. All funds raised will be received by The Hope Foundation and Peter McVerry Trust

You can also use sponsorship cards which we will post to you when you sign up for either the run or cycle. Hang your sponsorship card on the staff notice board, place on your desk or remind your colleagues, family and friends that their sponsorship of your 5km or 10km run/walk with €10, €20, or €50+ will go a long way to helping the Calcutta Run Charities. 

Please bring your card and money you have raised with you to registration on the day of the run. 

You can check out our fundraising tips page for plenty of fundraising tips and ideas as well as the many online resources.

Tax relief

Did you know that the Calcutta Run charities can avail of tax relief on your donations? In order to avail of the relief, a minimum of €250 must be donated to any one of the charities.

You can find out more details about the scheme and download a form to apply for relief by clicking here.

Thank you for the support!

It it is thanks to you that The Hope Foundation and the Peter McVerry Trust have been able to make a real difference to people’s lives. The Calcutta Run would not have become the great success it is today without your continued support.