We have some great tips for fundraising…

Asking 10 people for €10 each will make a big difference. It’s easy!

 Start your sponsorship cards with your highest donations – those sponsoring you later on may look at the form for a guide of how much to give.

 Set up your personal online fundraising page on idonate.ie and send your personal link to everyone in your contacts, post it on Facebook, Twitter and your LinkedIn accounts. You don’t have to meet people face to face to ask for sponsorship and you don’t have to keep track of cash as it is all done online!

 Organise a fundraising event, do a bake sale for your office colleagues, a quiz for your friends and family, a ‘guess my finishing time’ competition, a casual day at work, there are loads of ideas on line.

 If you have sponsorship to collect after the event, why not send an email to everyone thanking them for their sponsorship and telling them your finishing time, it may be the gentle reminder that people need.

 Make sure and let any sponsors know that any donations over €250 are tax deductible!

 Get your family and friends to help, ask them to ask their friends to sponsor you, or to organise fundraising events in their office or workplace.

 Promise something different. We have had runners dressed in chicken suits and superman outfits, we also had a runner who ran the whole route backwards! How about doing the run tied to your colleague?

 Ask your employer for support. Many organisations have incentives in place whereby they commit to matching the money raised by an employee. Check with your employer and if there isnt something official in place – ask your employer anyway!

 And finally…fundraising is not as hard as you might think. It requires energy, a plan of action and time. Our advice is to enjoy it; smile, be positive, and don’t forget to say thank you. If it starts to tail off, take a break and go back to it, re-invigorated and with new ideas.